Picker's Grip Reviews

Picker's Grip Reviews

"I’ve been using Picker's Grip for a while now and I love it! It is really incredible stuff!" Trey Hensley Rob Ickes Trey Hensley

"Got it, used it, love it!" Three time IBMA Guitar Player of the Year Josh Williams Josh Williams Music  

From Red Bear Picks: "As a player I have always had a problem with my pick slipping around because of my dry skin. I prefer picks without grip holes so it was something I had to deal with as best I could. I've tried using other products such as bow rosin, but until I discovered Pickers Grip nothing was working satisfactorily. I can say without reservation that Pickers Grip has given me an entirely new outlook on picking performance. I applied PG to my favorite pick and it stuck to my fingers without any slippage at all. I'm hooked! Best of all, it is very complimentary to my Red Bear Picks. It leaves no residue on the fingers and is easily removed from the pick when desired. Great product Billy!" Dave Skowron, Founder Red Bear Trading Co.  Red Bear Picks 

“I don’t often have issues with a pick sliding around on me but it happens to the best of us. I’ve tried just about everything and wasn’t happy with the outcomes. It was either too much grip I couldn’t turn the pick or it just stuck to everything. Picker’s Grip is just right! It’s a natural amount of grip and in a very convenient size that fits easily in your pocket on stage when you need it most! I only use Picker’s Grip now and I’m thrilled with the results!!!” Rick Faris Solo Artist & Guitarist / Vocalist  Rick Faris   Special Consensus

"I have tried the product and am loving it, I highly recommend it if your pick turns as you're playing."  Randy Schartiger  YouTube

"I’ve been play'n guitar for over 50 years and in those 50 years, I’ve played just about every guitar and amp that’s been made. Along with that I have collected thousands of picks to find the right one. In that search I finally realized it not the pick but how it stay between the fingers when you play with a stiff attack or strumming a funk beat. This Pickers Grip is everything that’s advertise and made a believer I of me. I won’t play without now that I’ve found it. I highly recommend it and you will be satisfied like me with the results." Bill Wittman  Bel Air  MD

"I have always used those tiny Fender teardrop-style picks after seeing Danny Gatton use them – they just feel right to me. I've always struggled to keep the pick at the correct picking angle, but it's getting a little more difficult the older I get. Picker's Grip is really a godsend. I can relax my hand a little more because I don't have to worry about the pick shifting, and I can honestly say that I am playing better since the beautiful day I met this stuff!" Charlie Pastorfield The Gladstones / Skip Castro Band  Charlottesville, VA

"I tried you Picker's Grip and love it. No more dropping or turning picks and it feels completely natural. Really good stuff but what I'm even more surprised about is your picks. I've tried them all in search of the perfect pick and your picks (though priced very modestly) are right up there with the top of the line. BTW - thanks for the extra picks and thanks for sponsoring the house that never sleeps where I heard about your product. Good stuff." Keith Marchetti  Pittsburgh PA 

"Very Happy with your product, heard Tony Polecastro's comment and tried out Pickers Grip and it is a promise kept in guitar promises made on the web!" Rich Bell  Lakeland  NY

"First let me say that I am horrible at holding a pick properly. Either it is twisting between my fingers when I pick or I out right throw the thing when I'm strumming hard. Bad fingers? Yes. Bad technique? Definitely. I was extremely skeptical when I saw Phill McKnight from Know Your Gear show this stuff but having tried everything, from the stick-on pads to using sandpaper on picks to only using picks with extreme grip, but nothing has helped like Picker's Grip. Plus there's no residue after!" Matthew Satterlee  Tulare CA

"Hi Bill, just a note to let you know how much I like your product! I've used it daily since receiving it and it's great. :-)  It keeps my pick from spinning, has an easy clean up off the fingers and there's enough to last awhile! GREAT STUFF and I'll spread the word! Best," Pete Ridlon  Fraser MI

"Get a grip on that pick! Since I seriously picked the guitar up some years back after I retired, I had trouble with my pick spinning on me or flying right out of my hand in the middle of a song. You too?

I tried everything I could find! Whatever it was, I bought one. I tried sticky goop that had to be spread on my pick and had to dry overnight. It smelled bad, and when I was done playing, I had to use rubbing alcohol to get it off my fingers. (it worked, kind of). I bought little stickers with bumps on them that you stick on your pick, (didn't work). I bought a plastic thing that went around my index finger and had a pick attached to it, (didn't work). All that stuff is in a box crammed full of other remedies that did not work.

Enter Picker's Grip, the Holy Grail had come to me! Something that works! A small lozenge in a little plastic case. It feels kind of like candle wax, and it smells like fruit of some kind.

I used it for the first time yesterday, and it worked. I just followed the directions on the label. You use the edge of the disc to mark 4-6 lines across your pick's gripping area on both sides. Then you use your fingers to squeeze and rub the pick until it becomes a thin coat on the surface of the pick. The heat from your fingers activates the product, and it sticks just enough to stay in place. It was amazing! I played all afternoon yesterday and it was magic. So, do yourself a favor. Get on the internet, go to pickersgrip.com and order some. They're about 10 bucks each. Which is cheap considering that you won't ever have to experience spinning or flying picks ever again and keep your sanity. (Also, Tony Polecastro does a review on Picker's Grip towards the end of his blog on YouTube. It is episode AT64.)" Dave Bailey  Marysville, MI 

"I play electric guitar, have been playing since the age of 14 (now 42). I’ve always had a problem with not dropping my pick but it was just always shifting around between my fingers. Pickers grip really keeps it in place. I highly recommend this product for any guitarist!" Ryan Coleman  Charlottesville, VA

"The Picker's Grip works great. I heard of this on Roberts Guitar Dungeon and the fact of your company being in Virginia just made it even better. Thank you again for your fine product." Michael Carreca  Lafayette, AL

"Awesome stuff! I had tendon replacement surgery on my picking hand thumb about 2 years ago. I've tried about every product or pick I thought would work but the pick would always shift out of position once I started playing at a faster pace, (luv me some metal), problem solved. Prop's to you guy's for sending your product to Robert at Roberts Guitar Dungeon on YouTube, that's where I saw it and Robert seems very straight up on his opinions when it comes to gear and accessories." Dave Bailey  Engelhard, NC  

"I’ve been struggling lately due to some numbness in my fingertips because of type 2 diabetes. My right hand really isn’t a problem but my left hand is. It’s difficult to feel exactly where my pick is sitting between my thumb and index finger. Well not any more with Picker’s Grip. I can strum and play lead lines with confidence now. So cool to focus on my playing without having to worry about my pick rotating. Thank you Pick Grip for your quick shipping and your life saving product." David Flint  San Bernardino  CA 

"Hi Bill, Let me give you some background. I played in a band in the 60- 70's so as you can calculate, I'm now a senior citizen. I tried other products and so called tricks without much success. It's a pain in the ass to be playing and drop the pick. Either you do a lot of bending or use a lot of picks till you finish playing. I subscribe to the The Guitologist on YouTube where I found out about your product. Drum roll.. LOVE IT....I USED IT AND HAVE NOT DROPPED A PICK SINCE THEN!!! I just watched the YouTube demo video on you site, agree with it a 100%. Rotation of pick and ultimately dropping it was a real problem for me, not anymore. I'm purchasing an additional one today as a gift for a fellow guitar player. I wouldn't tell you that PICKERS GRIP is a great product if I didn't think so. Thank you for a great innovation." Robert Shamoun  Shoreham, NY 

"Hi, I have been using Picker's Grip for the past 3 weeks and I can say I am 100% impressed and satisfied. For whatever reason my pick fingers sweat and I have tried everything to hang on to my pick - I've drilled holes in them, roughed up the surface with sandpaper, even tried using crazy glue - but nothing worked as well as Pickers Grip! Thanks!" Glenn Lazzaro  New York, NY

"Awesome product! As a long time picker here, this product is absolutely worth it's weight in gold. It doesn't leave your fingers 'sticky' and it provides an awesome no slip, grip. By far the best product out there! Great product and a must have in every guitar players case. Great work!" Patrick Coleman  Richmond, Virginia

"I have been playing guitar since I was 13 years old, I’m 63 now. As long as I have been playing guitar, I’ve also been working with my hands in the carpentry trade. As I’ve aged, the grip in my fingers and hands has suffered, hence when playing guitar my picks seem to fly everywhere. One of the great joys on my life these days is rehearsing and playing with the praise band at my church, Cherry Ave. Christian Church. Trying Billy’s product, I lose less picks while playing and I don’t have to have 5 or 6 picks on my stand for an hour long rehearsal or the 30 or 45 minute performances we do twice a week. You can say Billy’s has helped me “get a grip” on my guitar playing and helped me to continue to enjoy my playing as I get older!" Greg Bugg  Charlottesville, Virginia

"My pick was constantly slipping and sliding between my fingers, until eventually I would drop it. It made me hyper aware that I was about to drop my pick and I’d lose concentration on just playing. Pickers Grip has fixed that problem and now the notion of dropping a pick is a faded memory." Johnny Bishop Charlottesville, Virginia Watch Johnny B and the Goodes

"I never drop my picks but I had a problem of them going sideways when I'm strumming hard and PG has stopped that, awesome stuff thanks!" Bluegrass Picker Charlotte, North Carolina

"I'm a beginner and this stuff helps me concentrate on my left hand more which is great." George Z.  Richmond, Virginia









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