Product Info

Product Info: 

Picker's Grip is an all-natural guitar pick grip enhancer. It is proudly made and hand poured in small batches in Virginia. Picker's Grip contains our patent pending proprietary blend of bee's wax and citrus extracts. We use the utmost care in sourcing our materials from within the U.S. Our special mixing process and strict quality control insures our customers the finest natural pick grip available. *Keep product away from heat sources. Store in container when not in use. Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of small children. Wash hands after use. Wipe any product off of instrument finish immediately, including strings. Picker's Grip LLC. is not responsible for finish or instrument damage. If you are allergic to the listed ingredients, do not use this product. If you develop an allergic reaction, stop use and consult a physician. 


       Picker’s Grip Directions:

Flip open container lid. On first use of product, squeeze around the sides to loosen disc. Turn the container over and tap into hand or hard surface to remove disc. 
For standard teardrop size picks: With the edge of the disc, mark 2-4 lines (start with 2 lines first) across your pick's gripping area on each side. Add more lines if needed. There is no need to press very hard when applying. Less pressure is actually better as it will smooth out more consistently. Work Picker's Grip into your pick by squeezing and rubbing until it becomes a thin coat on your pick. Picker's Grip works with your body heat. The longer you hold it, the better the grip. When properly applied, you should feel a thin coat of grip on your pick. It will feel somewhat like a rubber texture, more so than a sticky one. With some practice, you will be able to adjust just the right amount to satisfy your gripping needs.To apply a fresh coat, rub grip off of the pick with a dry cloth and reapply. 
Helpful Tips:
  • Different pick materials might require more PG for the right grip.
  • We suggest applying Picker's Grip to the top third of your pick as it will naturally work its way down to the mid-point while playing for that perfect sweet spot. Use less for small jazz picks.
  • Used according to directions, there should not be any product working its way onto your instrument or strings. However, should this occur, Picker's Grip can easily be removed with a soft cloth. 
  • Keep a small cloth or paper towel handy in your guitar case to remove Picker’s Grip when you wish to apply a fresh coat. Running your pick under warm water will help to remove the old coating of grip quickly.  
  • Before performing, coat several picks before the show to have them ready at a moment's notice.  
  • One disc should last the average player 6-12 months of normal use if properly applied according to directions.          
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