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We all have our favorite guitar picks. Some players have an arsenal of picks to choose from in their stash bag. The reason we use certain picks is that they offer the sound, feel and attack that we like. Some guitar players stick with one brand and or one particular style of pick, and some pickers like to change it up based on the guitar they are using. You might use a medium to thin pick to strum your acoustic guitar and a heavier pick to dig into lead lines on your guitar.  

Whatever pick you cherish, there is one thing that most guitar players experience at one time or another, and that's the dreaded dropped pick or a pick that spins around in your fingers out of position. Mechanically speaking, heavy string gauges and forceful pick attack can cause slippage. There are also two types of physical issues that affect this annoying slippage of guitar picks. The most common one is dry hands, and the second albatross is having sweaty hands while playing. 

Fortunately, Picker's Grip will tackle the problem of dry or sweaty hands. Once you try the extra grip that Picker's Grip offers, you're going to fall in love with your favorite pick again. Your endless search for the perfect pick just might be over. Sometimes the perfect pick is the one you already have. Experience the difference in your playing today! Your favorite guitar pick just got better with Picker's Grip! Try: Picker's Grip


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