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Picker's Grip was founded in 2018 in beautiful Charlottesville, Virginia. Our pick grip enhancer is the only product that we make. Each batch is hand poured from the finest, all natural ingredients in the beautiful state of Virginia. We hope that you enjoy using Picker's Grip regularly at home, and or live gigs and recording sessions. Thank you for your support!  

About the founder: Billy Cokes grew up in a musical family in scenic Charlottesville, Virginia. His mother played piano and his Uncle Billy played the Greek bouzouki and mandolin. In 2014 Billy was in search of the perfect guitar pick. After some analyzing, he realized that it wasn't the pick that needed changing but his grip, as he had dry hands and his picks were slipping mid-song which was hindering his playing confidence. He tried every available grip product on the market and wasn't satisfied with their performance. Also, not being thrilled that they were made with harsh chemicals he set out to make his own pick grip enhancer with all-natural ingredients.  

In early 2014 the garage workbench was cleared and the experiments began. What seemed like an easy task turned into a three-year search for the perfect combination of all-natural ingredients. In the fall of 2017 and after countless trials, his all-natural grip enhancer was born. He was euphoric as it had all the characteristics of everything he was looking for in a grip enhancer: all-natural ingredients, great grip, goes on dry and works instantly. Sharing it with fellow pickers, he received positive feedback and with their urging he started Picker's Grip, LLC in January 2018.      

During his downtime Billy plays his guitar, visits music stores to check out new gear, plans his next road trip to the Outer Banks or Ocean City with his family and friends and supports local musicians. Starting his own business was something Billy didn't plan on doing, but Picker's Grip has turned into a labor of love.